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The Corridor (Beta) Horror Game



Ever been freaked out by an empty hotel hallway, especially late at night? Is that bucket of ice really worth leaving the security of your room? In Al-exe’s first-person horror The Corridor, players wake up from a sense of unexplained anxiety, leave their room, and find themselves in a dark, long hallway. The hotel slowly turns into an endless maze of walls that forebode something sinister. They then must go deeper into the darkness to escape.

While the developer’s website is in Russian, the game narrates in English (choose the top red button on the title screen) and should be played with a headset. The developer states a full version of The Corridor will release between August and September, but players can get a good scare out of this current build. For a few terrifying minutes of play, check out The Corridor beta for Windows.

After the jump is a non-English playthrough, for those who prefer to watch instead of play.


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