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Depression Quest ▷

Hello everyone! I just found this and I started just playing a little bit of it. What depression quest does it show what it’s like to be someone with depression through an interactive medium. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like (especially if you have someone in your life with depression) then I recommend this! I have been struggling with depression for a while and I discovered very quickly that this is an accurate representation that should be able to translate well for someone who has no first-hand experience with depression.

Note: if you have depression, the creators warn that the game can be triggering. It was a little disturbing for me to have my feelings described so clearly and intensely, and I find that I am too uncomfortable to continue in my current state of mind. Take that into consideration.

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    Oh look, it’s the last 6 years of my life.
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    This was pretty accurate… Especially the parts with Malcolm (so far). My big brother is so similar
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    So far it’s fairly accurate.
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    ngl, this was really poweful. it made me cry a few times when the descriptions hit really close to home…. i’d recommend...