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Fire Eye'd Boy, Give 'em All The Slip!

Hello everyone!! Yes…….it’s time again…..for me to make a commissions post… sorry. 

I recently got a new tablet, and as such I’m able to make a lot better stuff than I used to be! Because of that, I’m reopening commissions.

Up top, you can see examples of my work, along with what I would charge had they been commissions. If you click on them, you’ll see a break down of the price.

Roughly, the prices break down like this:

  • Icons are $5
  • Any single person art, colored with flats, is $10. This includes full body, medium, 3/4, and portrait.
  • Any single person art, colored and shaded, is $15. Same as above.
  • Mini-comics (2-4 panels) colored with flats, are $18.
  • Mini-comics (2-4 panels) colored and shaded, are $20.


  • $2 for each extra person (exception is mini comic, where you get 1 additional person for FREE!! WOW!! Each person after the second is +$2 though).
  • $2 for lineless art
  • $4 for complex backgrounds (This means anything that isnt just colors, gradients, or simple designs such as the halos of color seen above).


  • Fanart
  • Your ocs or someone elses (pref. with their permission)
  • Furry/Anthro
  • Nsfw 
  • Monsters
  • YOU I will draw you. You and your friends. You and your friends in fun aus???? I’m so down.
  • Real People — I don’t feel comfortable drawing RPF ships BUT I’ll draw let’s players or you high fiving your fave celeb or whatever. 
  • Mild Guro/Gore or beat up boys or w/e

What I Will Try to Do But Will Charge More For:

  • Mecha
  • Anything involving a lot of armor
  • Intense guro where you can see intestines and stuff 

I don’t have any issue with the above, but I will have to try MUCH harder in order to do well!!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll try my best to answer it! I’m also willing to adjust prices based on specific desires or money restrictions — if you’re a dollar or two short, I’m not gonna be mad. 

If you’re not interested in commissioning, please reblog! I’ll be opening 5 slots at a time. If you would like a slot, email me at

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